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  • All products on offer should have their origin in the Viking age and can be subject to approval by the organiser. The Viking Festival is responsible for and reserves the right to refuse certain goods and ask for adjustments in stock selection and display items in order to maintain the Viking festival profile.
  • All stallholders should be dressed in Viking outfits while inside the festival area.
  • Stall decorations should aspire to be as Viking like as possible, the same rule applies to the presentation and packaging of goods. Plastic bags, plastic displays and similar modern items will not be tolerated.
  • All stallholders are obliged to be present for trade for the duration of the market opening hours. It is also possible to trade beyond the limits of the market opening hours.
  • The market area is available for participants from Wednesday August 7th at 17.00. The market starts at 11.00 on Friday August 9th and all stalls should be set up by 10am that morning. The opening will be on the 8th at about 20:00.
  • No cars are allowed on the festival grounds during the festival.
  • The festival has the final responsibility for the makeup of the market and in the event of any conflict, the festival has the final word.
  • The Viking Festival is a family friendly event. Excessive intoxication or the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • There is night and day security guards at the festival but the Festival takes no responsibility for loss of stock or belongings. Securing of valuables is the sole responsibility of the stallholder. All stallholders must keep fire extinguishing equipment at hand. For sleeping tents it is also required to have a smoke detector.
  • By signing up all stallholders are obliged to follow the market’s regulations. Violation of any of these regulations can lead to immediate eviction from the market and the festival grounds.
  • Remember that the festival is in the middle of a city. In caring for our neighbours we ask you to observe a reasonable sound level in the camp after midnight.
  • The rules of Covid 19 may change.


There is no fee on the Tønsberg Viking Festival, but you will get free food 🙂