Tønsberg Viking Festival is a cultural event where you are invited to participate in your own way!

About the festival

Tonsberg Viking Festival is a cultural event where you are invited to participate in your own way, either by arranging your own Viking event, organising a Viking market stall, taking part as a volunteer etc. We need volunteers and partners who can do their share in making this Festival a great and exciting experience.


Tonsberg Viking Festival will take place on 12-15th September 2019 and will attract Vikings from near and far. There will be shows, theatre, music, lectures, Viking food and the largest armada of Viking ships since the Viking age.
You may contribute, too. We need volunteers both prior to and during the Festival. We would also like to hear from you a.s.a.p. should you want to contribute your own viking event.


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Why a Festival?

Tønsberg is the oldest town in Norway, with its history stretching back to the Viking Age. The town has seen increased interest in its Viking heritage during the last few years. This started with the building of the archaeological replica of the Oseberg ship, the ”Saga Oseberg” in 2010-2012. The ship-building went on in full view to the public in the heart of town. So now the time has definitely come to muster this interest in all things Viking in a festival

The Festival will present Viking inspired art, song, music, dance and theatre, and involve restaurants, volunteer organisations, shops, a Viking market, museums and others. The intention is to transform Tønsberg into a Viking town for three days. Restaurants and shops will create their own “Viking touch”. Theatre groups will perform Viking plays, sports clubs arrange Viking games, the port will be filled up with Vikings ships, politicians will meet on the two Haugar grave mounds – the original site for a Viking “thing”. Everyone is challenged to find their own Viking way of expressing themselves, and all are invited to participate.

The Tønsberg Viking Festival intends to create joy, even out social differences, create friendships and communicate new knowledge of the Viking Age. The Festival will take place all over town and be open to all. Each participant is expected to carry her/his own expenses – and to keep any earnings.

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Here are brief facts about Tonsberg Viking Festival 2019

When: 12th-15th September 2019
Where: Tonsberg, Norway
What:  Cultural festival under the ”Viking” theme
Who: Everyone can participate – either as a visitor or if you want to create your own Viking activity.
Why: To focus on Tonsberg’s rich Viking history and create activity in town within a Viking type of frame.
Costs: The Festival as such is free for all, although some arrangements might require a ticket.
Family: The Tonsberg Viking Festival is for all. There will be events for children, youth, adults, families and groups.